If you are in the beginning stages of contemplating a divorce, the process can quickly become overwhelming. From property division to alimony, and from child support to parenting time, there are many complicated issues you need to consider, and many of the decisions you make will impact your life (and perhaps your children’s lives) for years to come.

But, going through the divorce process does not have to feel like a burden. In fact, in many ways, it should feel like an opportunity. If you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and work with a Gurnee divorce lawyer to negotiate a fair outcome in good faith, you can set yourself up to not only survive – but thrive – after your divorce.

Resources for Spouses Considering a Divorce In Illinois

One of the keys to divorce survival is to ensure that you are making informed decisions every step of the way. In this Illinois Divorce Survival Guide, we have collected some of our top articles for spouses contemplating divorce:

Understanding the Divorce Process

Dividing Your Property In Your Divorce

Making Child-Related Decisions During Your Divorce

  • Is It Possible to Obtain Sole Custody in Illinois? – Sole custody is rare in Illinois. The law favors keeping both parents actively involved in their children’s lives, although the degree to which each parent is involved can vary widely. This article discusses the limited circumstances in which sole custody is available, and it introduces the alternatives that are available in the majority of scenarios.
  • How Does Child Support Work in an Illinois Divorce? – Calculating child support may technically be one of the most straightforward aspects of the divorce process. But, this does not mean that calculating an appropriate payment is easy. Read this article to get an introduction to the Illinois Child Support Guidelines.
  • Summer Holidays and Vacations: What Do Divorced and Divorcing Parents in Illinois Need to Know? – When developing a parenting plan during a divorce, it is important to specifically address summer holidays and vacations. While a routine parenting time schedule will work for most of the year, most parents will want to make special provisions for these special times.
  • 12 Considerations for Illinois Parents Who are Considering Coparenting After Their Divorce – Coparenting is an alternative to traditional custody-and-visitation arrangements that allow divorced parents to remain jointly involved in their children’s lives. It isn’t right for all families; but, when it makes sense, it can be a good option for protecting the best interests of the children involved.
  • Should You Consider Bird’s Nest Custody in Your Illinois Divorce? – Bird’s nest custody is a form of co-parenting in which the children live in a single residence full-time while the parents split time between homes. This form of co-parenting has gained popularity in recent years, but making the decision to pursue bird’s nest custody requires careful consideration of all pertinent factors.

Don’t Just Survive Your Divorce

When going through a divorce, simply surviving the process can seem like enough. But, if you approach the process with the right mindset and the right outlook, you can do much more than just survive. You can set yourself to start your new post-divorce life on a solid foundation, and you can feel confident knowing that you are making the right decisions for yourself and your children.

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