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In Illinois, no two allocation of parental responsibility cases are the same because no two people are the same. For that reason, you depend on working with a allocation of parental responsibility lawyer in Gurnee and Lake County, Illinois committed to understanding the details that make your case different from everyone else’s.

At the Law Office of Deanna J. Bowen in Lake County, Illinois, Ms. Bowen works with you directly. That level of personalized attention provides us with the information we need about your allocation of parental responsibility case to deliver individually-tailored legal representation to you.

Deanna Bowen has the seasoned legal judgment you need to advise you intelligently even if your allocation of parental responsibility matter involves uncertain law or still-developing legal principles. Her long-standing legal tenure enables her to help you understand how the law applies to your case in a wide variety of circumstances, including those cases involving:

A divorce can lead to a complicated legal battle for the allocation of parental responsibility for your children. It is important to be knowledgeable about your rights as a parent and to have a trustworthy allocation of parental responsibility attorney in Gurnee and Lake County, IL on your side. The following are the legal allocation of parental responsibility laws that an allocation of parental responsibility attorney can help you navigate through in a courtroom.

  • Parental Alienation
  • Paternity

  • Parenting Time
  • Health & Medical Issues

  • Modifications

Parental Alienation

Parental alienation refers to when a child is manipulated by a parent to become estranged from another parent. This can manifest in several ways including fear, aggression, and disrespect towards the parent. There are currently no state or federal laws that regulate parental alienation in the United States, but some courts have recognized it as a serious issue and suspended child support.


Paternity is simply proof that a man is the father of a child, but it will not automatically grant you rights for allocation of parental responsibility and parenting time. A father can obtain a court order for these rights by filing a paternity and allocation of parental responsibility petition.

Parenting Time

Parenting time is often the main concern of parents that are going through a divorce. It is important to learn all of the allocation of parental responsibility laws that are specific to your state. Reasonable parenting time and fixed parenting time are the two types of parenting time schedules. Reasonable parenting time means that the parents are capable of coming up with a parenting time plan without conflict. Fixed parenting time means that the judge orders where and when the non-custodial parent will have parenting time. These parenting time rights can be taken away if the child is determined to be living in an abusive or unsafe environment.

Health and Medical Issues

Proof that a parent is impaired from a medical condition and is unable to properly care for their child can deny these custodial rights. The presence of a medical condition alone is not enough to deny custodial rights, it must be proven that an impact is being made on the well-being of the child.


It is possible to request modifications to your parenting time schedule. This is most commonly done by working with the other parent of the child and coming to an agreement. This plan can be filed with a court and the court will usually accept it. If the parents are unable to come to an agreement for making modifications to the parenting time schedule, the case will need to be taken to court and resolved by a judge. The judge will make the final decision on the terms of the modifications.

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I hired Deanna to do my uncontested divorce in late 2016. She and her team were very thorough and quick to turn documents around. Part of my settlement included working with a QDRO which I was unfamiliar with. Deanna helped navigate through this document and had all documents filed quickly and efficiently through attorneys and the Court. Before my court date she went through the procedure for what would happen in front of the judge. She pointed out that although she didn’t agree with how we decided to handle a pension plan, she wanted to be sure I knew what I was agreeing to. Deanna is professional with a personal, caring approach. It is was a smooth, easy process. I recommend her.

Marsha C.

I came to Deanna as a 22-year-old father in need of a divorce and hoping desperately to attain custody of my infant daughter. Deanna and her staff not only helped me reach my goal but in addition, guided me each step of the way and explained every detail to me. Deanna’s amazing performance in the courtroom, persistence, confidence in my case, and dedication were all vital to our success. The entire office went the extra mile for me and my daughter and I am thrilled with the outcome.

Thomas S.

Deanna is extremely efficient, professional, caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy, understanding and compassionate. I’ve consulted with her on many matters. Deanna’s communication was excellent. She kept me informed about my case and explained things to me in a way that I could understand what was going on. She went the extra miles for me and I’m so grateful. She is a diligent negotiator and very hard working, I am thankful that she represented me and I don’t think anyone could have done a better job. I thank her for everything and I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Gail A.

I had been in and out of court for over 10 years with a different lawyer. My ex-husband enjoyed taking me back to court for frivolous things (part of his control and harassment). Each time it was a humiliating experience. Each time I felt that the odds were against me and nobody ever really listened to my concerns. I had some very serious concerns about the welfare of my child in the care of an abusive father with a substance abuse problem. This last time my ex-husband took me back to court, I was fed up. I got rid of my lawyer and went to Deanna Bowen. It was the best decision I have ever made! Deanna understood my concerns and worked diligently to protect me and my son. The family court system is very frustrating, but Deanna was reassuring and in the end, EVERYTHING worked out in my favor this time. Without getting into too much detail, I can honestly say Deanna saved my life and my son’s life. She knew exactly how to handle every difficult situation thrown my way by my ex-husband and his attorney. She knew the law and used it to my advantage. For the first time, my ex-husband wasn’t getting his way. I would HIGHLY recommend Deanna to every person going through a divorce. Her rates are upfront and honest and worth it. I was once told, do you know why divorces are expensive because they are worth it. Deanna is worth it. It is a horrible time in your life when you are simply beaten down. Deanna has a way of building you up to make you strong enough to get through it and end in a better place than where you started.

Stacy R.

Deanna represented me through a long divorce that was made extremely difficult by my ex. During the whole process, she guided me with great advice, knowledge, and expertise of the legal system to help me achieve a satisfying settlement with regards to custody, child support, and the division of assets. She was tenacious in court – fighting for what was important to me – and was always patient and quick to reply to any questions I had (and even offers answers to my questions 2 years later!). She was very reliable during a very uncertain time in my life and I never doubted whether I was getting the best representation possible with her. Her staff was also very helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend Deanna to anyone seeking divorce assistance!

Bonny W.

I was given Deanna Bowen’s name through a mutual friend that went through a divorce prior to mine. My friend had explained that Deanna is very honest, upfront, and will never give you false hope since a divorce is always a difficult situation. My personal divorce focused around custody issues and lasted almost two years. And during those two years, Deanna and her team stood by my side, advising me of what was needed. While I had several questions, since this was my first divorce, Deanna and her team always respected me and explained in detail until I understood completely. The team was very knowledgeable and very supportive during this entire process. As my friend recommended Deanna to me, I will in the future recommend Deanna Bowen and her Team to my friends and family.

Shelley S.

Thank you for this and everything! You guys made my divorce process as painless as possible! It was a seamless transition and very professional and efficient. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends!

Janine M.

Deanna Bowen is a wonderful attorney. I used her when I filed for divorce. I have to say that Deanna and her paralegal, Debbie, made this process bearable. Not only did they explain everything to me and answered ALL my questions, they were kind and really listened to me. Debbie never made me feel silly or that I was asking a stupid question, she always treated me with great respect. They were there for me not only for the legal part of the divorce but to lend an empathetic ear and to help me through the divorce. We had custody issues to work out and Deanna was right there to guide me and to do what was best for my daughters. Deanna is honest, more than fair, knows the law and is an excellent lawyer. She is highly respected and well-known in her field. I was more than confident when she was by my side. I have and will continue to recommend her.

Stephanie D.

I met with Deanna and immediately felt comfortable with her recommendations. She made the process simple and made sure I understood all the steps along the way. No one ever wants to be in this situation, but she definitely made me feel like I was well represented. She and her staff made this not so exciting experience simple and quick. I am thankful for her time and expertise and would recommend her to anyone. My ex even commented on how fair and reasonable everything turned out. It was nice to not argue and point fingers. Our actual divorce was simple and short and she helped navigate our children’s schedule so that it was what was best for them. You can tell she is well respected in the courthouse and that she cares about her clients.

Jen N.

Deanna Bowen and Debra Sinclair handled my divorce case professionally and with compassion. They were there for all of my questions and concerns. They put my mind at ease while I was stationed in another state. I would like to thank them both for their expertise and smooth handling of my case! Members of the Armed Forces, I highly recommend her!

Linnie C.

As many know divorce is a stressful and very emotional time. I can’t say enough about how Ms. Bowen was there to support me throughout all the ups and downs. She provided me timely advice which in hindsight was spot on. She was able to make a very stressful time seem manageable. I highly recommend her as I believe you could not do better with anyone else. Her fee for service is in line or below most others and she even reduced my final bill purely out of compassion for my overall situation. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her.

Michael M.