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The Law Office of Deanna J. Bowen have the expertise and knowledge to effectively represent your interests, as specialized Family Law and Divorce attorneys in Lake County, IL.   We strive to obtain the best results for clients possible, and to provide quality family law services at a reasonable cost. We are committed to settling cases early in the proceedings without sacrificing our clients’ interests. If litigation is necessary, you can count on The Law Office of Deanna J. Bowen to aggressively and competently represent you.

At The Law Office of Deanna J. Bowen, we listen carefully to your problems, your concerns, and your hopes for the future.  Every Family Law problem is unique to the individuals involved, so every solution must also be unique.  You deserve a straightforward explanation of your legal options, and we want to explain those to you and work together to develop a legal strategy designed to achieve your goals and protect your rights.

Your Future Is Our Concern

Throughout the entire legal process, we will keep you informed of important developments that affect your case.  You will receive copies of all the documents pertaining to your case.  When you call or email with questions or concerns, our attorneys and professional staff will respond promptly.  Most importantly, we will provide advice designed to guide you successfully through this difficult time in your life.  Be assured that The Law Office of Deanna J. Bowen cares about your future and the future of your family.

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Family Law and Divorce Attorneys in Lake County dedicated to excellence.

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The Law Office of Deanna J. Bowen represents clients in family law matters such as :

  • Divorce
    • Agreed/Uncontested
    • Contested
  • Legal Separation
  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Removal Out of State
  • Division of Property
  • Child Support and Enforcement
  • Maintenance and Alimony
  • Post Decree Enforcement and Modification
  • Paternity
    • Rights of Each Parent
    • Visitation
    • Child Support
  • Grandparents/Extended Family Rights
  • Domestic Violence/Protective Orders
  • Related Adoptions

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